Why is that app so damn elegant?

by Rufus Sufur

When did this happen? When did “Elegant” become such an overused way to describe an iOS app? Or how about a “beautiful” interface? I know that Apple was touting their whole “it just works” mantra (i.e. sales pitch) for a while…and now I’ve seen it pop up in iOS app descriptions as well.

To App Developers:
Look, I understand how hard it can be to come up with compelling adjectives, but come on..put a little more creativity into it will you? You’ve just spent countless hours laboring over your app, giving it all the love and attention you possibly could. You made sure the icon was just right, you came up with a brilliant name, and of course the app itself works flawlessly. So why skimp out on the app description? Its just a suggestion, but why not spend a few minutes with thesaurus.com and find a super-excellent adjective!

* Reviewers are also guilty of this…I’m looking at you App Advice