Day One update for iOS brings the searchiness

by Rufus Sufur

If you are in the Apple ecosystem and you’re looking for a way to document all of life’s little events, check out Day One  by Bloom Built. They just released v1.9 of their iOS app that includes two long awaited features:

  • Tags
  • Search

This going to make a great digital journal even better! Although I use both the iOS and Mac apps, I’m going to focus on the iOS version since that’s the one I end up using more. So why is Day One my favorite digital journal? Its a little hard to explain, but its the overall user experience. You have all the basics; you can write entries, backdate entries, add photos, etc. Its got Dropbox or iCloud sync to keep all your devices updated. Its got the requisite timeline, photo, and month views. And it will even pull in the local weather (up to the past three days) and your location if you like.

But my favorite part is that the UI feels very fresh, clean and not cluttered like other journal apps. There aren’t any cute stamps or stickers to decorate your entries; you’re limited to marking your entries with “stars” (although you do have tags now). Since its a joy to use, you may find yourself making more entries on the go than you ever thought you would.

Its still lacking a function to pull in your social feeds (ie. Facebook, Twitter) and more importantly it doesn’t have a robust export function (no PDFs) or encryption, but the developer has these things on his radar and I’m really hope they come out soon in future updates.

If you are at all interested in journaling on your iOS device, check out Day One. Its an app I’ve used almost every day since I bought it.

— But if you prefer to do your journaling in a more traditional way, check out the Traveler’s Notebook by Midori. You should be able to get them at various stationary shops around the country or order them online. They are a very popular journal with an active community of enthusiasts who really enjoy customizing them and making them unique.