Why there are no comments

by Rufus Sufur

Dear readers,

You may have noticed a few changes with the blog since I started it. First, the theme has changed quite a bit since I began. The main reason I changed the theme (and I may do so again) is that I wanted to focus more on the reading experience.

You see, something was missing, something was wrong, and it wasn’t until I was reading through Shawn Blanc’s archive that I put my finger on it. Although its an old post, I think it is still relevant. Discussing why he has no comments section to his blog, he points out three reasons, one of which is:

If you’re a regular reader of a weblog there is this unspoken pressure that you ought to say something, but on a site with comments disabled there is no pressure. Once you’ve read the article that’s all. The author requires nothing of the reader but to enjoy the content. There are no awkward expectations. The article is a gift.

Now, I can’t say that anything I write is a gift, or if it is, maybe an unnecessary, unwanted gift, one that can’t be returned, but at least there is no obligation on your part to do anything other than not come back to see what I wrote.

And so, when I removed the comments section, it followed that I should remove all the share buttons as well. It just seemed to clutter things up. I still have the RSS feed and I still want to interact with you so I encourage you to contact me through other means. You can send me email, follow me on twitter, or on facebook.