Letterpress is not that great a game…yet

by Rufus Sufur

What is going on with this almost universal praise for Letterpress? In case you didn’t know, Letterpress is a word game with some similarities to Words with Friends and boggle, except you are also vying for control of territory.

There was a recent update (v1.1) which added some strongly requested features such as having a rematch with your opponents. But while the core gameplay is indeed appealing, its still missing some crucial elements:
– Stats. there are no statistics for win/loss, matches played, etc.
– No time limit for your opponent’s turns. What can thus happen is that your opponent takes an excruciatingly long time to move, or doesn’t take a turn at all, leaving your game in limbo. They really should implement a chess-like timer system, like Ascension. It can really speed the game up.
– No messaging or chat feature to communicate with your opponent.

The game is free (or just .99 with in-app purchase) so you might as well try it out. If the developer gets around to some of the points mentioned above, I think it would make a decent game into a really good game. A couple reviews below. Find more with a simple google search: