Living in a box

by Rufus Sufur

Living in a box

Here’s an interesting article from the Japan Times on housing in the land of the rising sun. My own apartment is rather small, has a northern facing entrance, and a southern facing living area–just as described in the article. Rather utilitarian in nature, but still comfortable. I suppose I am living up many tropes of a typical Japanese worker.

But in the end, I have to say that my lifestyle in the city is quite comfortable, although I do wish my apartment were a bit bigger. In all, I have access to three grocery stores within a five minute walk, two train stations within an 8 minute walk, access to the city center with an 8 minute train ride, and the list goes on….

But most of all, I am grateful for easy access to health care and a generally safe life. That is not to say crime and violence does not occur here (it does), and accidents do happen, but you also don’t have people walking around everywhere with loaded firearms.

So disassociating the concept of a “right” to carry firearms, as that is an entirely separate debate, I am happy to say that although I live in one of the most “dangerous” cities in Japan, its crime rate is still lower than the safest cities in the US (Plano, TX per Exploring Tokyo).

Ok, so…that’s how you go from writing about living in a box-like apartment to crime rates in Plano.

Done and done.