Kindle drops price to match Rakuten Kobo

by Rufus Sufur

In an effort to stay competitive in Japan, Amazon has dropped the price for their Kindle Paperwhite to match Rakuten’s e-reader (see Mashable). This is significantly lower than the price in the US. It almost makes me wish I waited until now to get my Kindle…well, maybe that’s not exactly true. I’ve read so many books on my Kindle 4G since I got it last year, that I have to admit, its one of my most used gadgets.

Anyway, I haven’t seen any pre-sales figures for the Kindle Paperwhite in Japan yet (it comes out in December), but they are losing money with each one sold. I hope they can make it up in the bookstore. But can they price titles effectively to entice consumers to start spending there?

Here’s the current top 5 paid books in the store…number two is an English dictionary for $1…hmmm..