Google news…what have you become?

by Rufus Sufur

Today is the day I stopped using Google news. Why? Take a look at the screen below.


The “Top Story” is a hatchet job about Obama written by a conservative blogger. Look, I don’t want to read a conservative blogger’s opinion piece any more than I want to read a liberal’s. What I would like is to get some balanced articles.

I didn’t pay much attention to it in the past, but I had the feeling there was something wrong with Google News and maybe this is it. I suppose what makes this a “Top Story” is that its getting a lot of clicks. OK, but I want to get *real* articles, not these crappy opinion pieces.

I used Google News since I liked the layout–I could skim many stories in various categories very easily in just one page. But now I will look for a different news aggregator. Sites like Pulse don’t appeal to me though since the screen feels too cluttered; just a big jumble of pictures and text. And on the Pulse home screen I’d like the news stories laid out in a single screen (no need to click around) and according to topic; just like Google’s layout.

I’m also hesitant to rely on something like News360 or Zite (as used on a tablet/smartphone). These are news aggregators that are suppose to “learn” what topics you like and present you more stories in those areas. The problem with that is I don’t want my own biases to influence what stories I’m presented. Before you know it, I’ll be “living in the bubble” as Bill Maher puts it. I want to hear both sides, and I think those news aggregators will only start showing me one side.