Big Bang Theory

by Rufus Sufur

This show is still around and apparently doing better than ever! I caught the first season of it and I liked it, despite its very formulaic and often times marginally funny jokes. However, for some reason I liked it. I guess its probably because despite the show’s shortcomings, I find that I like the characters. Maybe it has something to do with “geek chic”, but I suspect that trend will run its course in due time (if not relatively imminently).

I’ve caught a few episodes on and off over the years, but I would have watched it more regularly if I could stream it consistently in Japan. In any case, I’m surprised and glad to read that the show is becoming more popular than ever. I hope sometime I’ll be able to start streaming it regularly someday (other than on CBS’ website, which I will never remember to go to on a weekly basis) and catch up on everything I’ve missed.

Check out the New York Daily News article for more info.

Photo from the CBS homepage for Big Bang Theory. All rights owned by them.