On Writing

by Rufus Sufur

Oh my. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to document my ideas, thoughts, and feelings on such a regular basis.

As I mentioned in the about me section, I am not really a writer. I have a lot of things tumbling around in my head, ready to be forgotten, that I thought it would be useful to write them down before that happened. One thing I didn’t count on though was the amount of effort needed to organize these thoughts and tidy them up a bit before releasing them in the wild.

Its been a long time since I’ve needed to organize any personal writing. With Facebook and Twitter available, not to mention my own plog (personal log if you will) on Day One, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing fast and without much deep thought or editing. The ability to just type a couple sentences into the status update box on Facebook is just too enticing. In a sense, it lets me purge whatever thought is foremost in mind at that time.

But to write something more substantial is definitely more effort. It may not seem like it to you, but I do put some consideration into what I write on this blog. Its not only a place for a brain dump; which is not to say I haven’t/won’t do that on occasion.

I have no great misconceptions about what this blog is though. In a sense, its a bit like what I might post on Facebook or Twitter, but with just a little (just a little) more polish. Its just the thoughts of an ordinary person, at a specific point and place in time.

And that’s OK.