Living with Witopia

by Rufus Sufur

Don’t let the strange title throw you. Witopia is not some affliction, but rather my VPN service provider of choice. Their rates are reasonable, customer service is approachable and readily available if necessary, and for me, their service works well. I don’t know what I would have done without a reliable VPN while living in Japan.

I’ve used them for the past two years, and plan to renew my annual contract again this December (there are monthly plans available too). There are some other free VPNs I’ve tried in the past, but can you really trust those companies? I don’t have any proof (so take that as you will) but I started having issues with my previous PC after using HotSpot Shield. I can’t be sure what the cause of the problem was, but after installing and using it for a few months my computer slowed down significantly and started acting like crap. Well, the cause could have been any number of reasons, but it coincided with my use of Hotspot, so I didn’t feel like trusting it much.

After some digging through reviews, I found Witopia. They have a free one month trial so test it out if you like. After the first day though, I knew I was going to subscribe.