This is true customer service. Thanks Speck.

by Rufus Sufur

A couple months ago I bought a Speck Candyshell Grip for my iPhone (highly recommend this one by the way, it really is awesome to use) but unfortunately the case cracked after a couple months. I tried to exchange it at the store I bought it from, but they really gave me a serious case of the runaround. Literally. The shop staff in Yodobashi Camera denied my request for an exchange, despite the fact that it had only been a couple months and I had the receipt and box. After I argued with them for about 20 minutes, a manager said I could get it exchanged, but since they didn’t have a white one in stock I should go to the customer service agent downstairs to fill out some paperwork for a new one.

So I went there, waited for 20 minutes in line, got to the CS rep and was told that I couldn’t exchange the case since it was damaged. WTF?! That’s the whole reason I want to exchange the case you idiot. He even called the guy upstairs about it, and confirmed that I couldn’t exchange it.

So he denied my claim and sent me along my merry way. After wasting an hour at Yodobashi Camera, I decided to write Speck customer service about it, and since the case has a one year warranty, I explained my issue and attached some photos of the crack and was promptly (and I mean promptly) sent a replacement.

This is customer service. This is a company with which I will do business again in the future. This is how to treat your customers.

Yodobashi Camera…you suck.